Continuous improvement is the basic objective in the comprehention of Met Oto San & Tic.Ltd.Comp.
Issues defined below is admitted as our Quality Policy in accordance with this goal
•  Commitment to the obligation to be brought by the authorization of Quality standarts and defining the qoals accordingly, this  CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT
•  Regarding  Customers,Employees,Shareholders and Suppliers “PROVIDING THE HIGHEST LEVEL OF EXPECTATIONS
•  Giving the best and fastest answer  of customer demands, appropriate parts production according to the specification and standarts and compliance with deadlines on time     ENSURE  CUSTOMER SATISFACTION
•  By  keeping pace with technological developments for supplying the product with appropriate quality and acceptable price , TO PROVIDE  THE COMPANY’S IMAGE AND MARKET IMPROVEMENT
•  To raise the level of production quality, the staff  which affects product quality,
•  Reassessment instead of doing it right one time to avoid both time and
waste of resources,  PROVIDE REDUCTION OF COSTS
• The working environment of staff to work more efficiently  ENSURING CLEAN AND TIDY
•  In the usage of production facilities and tools,       EMPHASIS ON THE NATURAL ENVIROMENT AND ENERGY CONSERVATION

The policy mentioned above consists of main titles of objectives of Metoto. The objectives of the quality assurance system to ensure that all staff is continuing and is responsible for implementing the most effective way.
We are committed to the support necessary for achieving the targets will be forwarded.

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