During the production of Metoto as the company performing the technical, economic, commercial wherever possible, minimum damaging to the environment and natural resources, the most efficient use of technology and processes to use, disposal of waste generated by providing the appropriate conditions to minimize impacts on local and global environment within our organization. Our management is for this reason;

•  Environmental goals and objectives, identify, review and continuous improvement in achieving those objectives,

•  Comply with all statutory obligations and regulations related to environment and to fulfill customer requirements and to place an Environmental Management System for continual improvement of environmental performance

•  Reduce the consumption of energy and natural resources improvement and carry out the studies necessary to minimize waste,

• To support the recovery and re-evaluation activities,

• Trainings to raise awareness about the environment, and applications to provide continuity with the employees

•  New projects to take into account environmental factors,

•  All suppliers and customers to raise awareness about the environment

•  Increasing awareness of public opinion in Environmental Policy of Met Oto

• We are committed to continuous development and implementation of environmental management system.

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