Metoto is an automotive supplier which has been operating in metal industry regarding automotive sector and producing Orijinal Equipment for Automotive final assembly and Orijinal Equipment for spare parts components since 1980’s by using induction heating & forging and turning,machining production processes.

It has been realizing activities in current plant which has a 2700 square meter close area and recently has 44 blue, 8 white collar employees since it was reestablished in the begining of 1990’s
Automotive final assembly and spare parts production activities such as wheel nut wrench,jack handle,spare tire lever,towing hook,stabilizer bars,bolts,nuts,wheel nut bolts,fasteners have been performing with 120 tonnes necessary amount of raw material’s consumption per month which includes alloy steel,forging steel,stainless steel  

All incoming controls of raw material and tests have been followed by Quality assurance department.Metoto has the certification of ISO TS 16949 and the envirement certificate of ISO 14001 which have been verified by BSI Quality Institution and also auditted by BSI once a year.

In the principle of zero-defect and just in time production, continuous improvement,customer satisfaction with the utilization of high technology,Metoto in its experience has been delivering final assembly parts and spare parts to common Automotive companies in Turkey’s market such as Ford Otosan, Fiat-Tofaş, Isuzu, Temsa, Honda, Toyota, Türk Tractor, Otokar, BMC, Temsa, Hattat, Erkunt tractor.

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